Over 11.000 Members in Our Facebook group!

To establish a successful social network is getting more and more a tough game! Too many competitors, but we still managed it!


Facebook groups (some examples):

  • “Singles Chat International” with over 11.000 members
  • “Deutsch lernen” with over 6000 members
  • “Music Music Music!” with over 2600 members

Facebook pages (some examples):

  • “Learn English Grammar” with over 8.000 likes
  • “Copamore” with over 6000 likes
  • “Deutsch lernen” with over 3500 likes

Facebook pages (some examples):

  • YouTube-Channel “DEUTSCH LERNEN powered by german-deutsch.com” with over 1 million views and over 7500 subscribers
  • One educational video with over 250.000 views
  • Two music clips with over 140.000 views each!


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